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Outcompete 'The Big Guys' Alongside Your Colleagues

Doctor placing ads on social media and acquiring new patients

$750K+ Invested.  $5Million+ Returned.  It's That Simple.

How It Works

One Click

Don't wait for new patients to search for you.  Contente creates visually appealing ads for you on all the relevant platforms to bring them into your community at the click of a button.

Chiropractic ad on instagram with custom video from the doctor
Funnel landing page optimized for converting leads to clients

Three Days

Algorithmic optimizations are performed every 3 days based on big data from conglomerated market results, so your clinic's results improve alongside practioners just like you.

One Minute

Done-for-you outreach and engagement within a minute of contacts claiming your offer ensures new leads and long-time patients alike feel heard, valued, and cared for outside your office as much as they are inside it.

Online scheduling page for allowing leads to book appointments immediately
Simple online scheduling interface that makes it easy to book new patients

Unlimited Conversions

AI powered hyper-targeting gathers quality feedback from you and fills your office with the patients that you want–not just the ones you need to continue serving your community.

All-In-One Community Engagement Platform

Simple, Clean & Easy

One single platform for all content, marketing campaigns, automated outreach and engagement, community & booking management, and performance transparency.

A screenshot of the analytic statistics that doctors can see on their marketing campaigns within the Contente dashboard

Transparency like you've never experienced before

See only the metrics that matter most to you, so you're never guessing about how well your growth is going.  You'll know exactly how much you've spent and returned at any stage of leveraging Contente.

One place for doctors on Contente to access all scheduling information about their new patients

One Place To Manage Your Entire Community Hands-Off

One Place To Gain Transparency Into Your Growth

Leverage your colleagues' content and insights–together

Don't reinvent the wheel.  Gather proven insights on real market results of other pracitioners that give you what you need to stay top-of-mind within your community and become the authority within your market.

A screenshot of the homepage of Contente's patient acquisition dashboard with proven marketing content examples from colleagues

One Place For All Content Leveraged In Your New Patient Journey