The Only Marketing Solution Built Specifically for Corrective Care Practices

Get new correction patients and build your brand in your community.

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The Only Marketing Solution Built Specifically for Corrective Care Clinics

Get new correction patients and build your brand in your community.

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#1 New Patient Program for Spinal Corrective Doctors

"Our clinic's collaboration with Contente has been a game-changer, marking a significant milestone in our patient acquisition strategy. In the first month alone, we welcomed 15 new correction patients, a testament to the effectiveness of Contente's targeted approach. Not being active on social media, I was initially skeptical, but a referral from Dr. Rob Garfinkel, a trusted colleague, convinced me to try their services. The results have been so remarkable that I've confidently referred over five spinal corrective doctors to Contente. This partnership has not only expanded our patient base but also strengthened our network within the chiropractic community, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in spinal correction."

Key Result:

15 new correction patients the first month and counting

Dr. Chris DeCarlo
DeCarlo Chiropractic
New City, NY

"Our clinic's partnership with Contente has been instrumental in refining our patient outreach. Specializing in a unique, neurologically-based chiropractic approach, we faced challenges in conveying our distinctiveness. Contente's targeted video marketing has effectively communicated our specialized techniques, like torque release, to a broader audience. This has resulted in attracting genuinely interested patients seeking long-term solutions, rather than just temporary relief. Our patient quality has significantly improved, with many coming from considerable distances. The social proof generated through patient comments on our ads has further reinforced our brand in the community, making Contente an invaluable asset in our practice's growth and reputation."

Key Result:

Genuinely interested patients seeking long-term solutions

Dr Mike Kronaizl
Cornerstone Chiropractic
North Sioux City, SD

"At our clinic, specializing in scoliosis and posture, Contente has revolutionized our marketing approach. Previously, our efforts, including Google Ads and other Facebook campaigns, attracted patients who were not a fit for our specialized services. Since partnering with Contente, their unique video marketing has highlighted our distinctive treatments, like traction, making a significant impact. We've attracted more educated and financially qualified patients, exactly our ideal demographic. Within two months of opening our new clinic in Florida, we're nearing the patient volume we had in Arizona, thanks to Contente's targeted and effective marketing, which truly showcases our clinic's uniqueness."

Key Result:

Opened our new location with Contente

Drs. Andrew and Sarah Kellogg
Posture & Scoliosis Institute
Sarasota, FL

"Working with Contente has been a unique and beneficial experience for our clinic. From the beginning, Contente has understood the importance of showcasing our clinic's atmosphere and services in a way that resonates with potential patients. Their approach to marketing, particularly through visual storytelling and patient engagement, has significantly helped in presenting our clinic's journey and ethos. This strategy has been effective in attracting patients who align with our clinic's vibe and offerings. As we continue to collaborate with Contente, we're excited about expanding our reach and welcoming more patients who find a connection with our practice."

Key Result:

Patients who resonate with our unique approach

Dr. Ross Crain
Inver Grove Chiropractic
Inver Grove, MN

"Previously, our marketing struggled to capture our unique BioPhysics approach. Contente changed that, effectively communicating our specialty in corrective care and scoliosis treatment, attracting the right patients. Their strategy moved us away from discount-driven marketing to value-based patient engagement. The results have been phenomenal, with a significant return on investment, including a 7 to 1 ROI in just the last month. Contente's tailored marketing has not only increased our patient conversions but also consistently enhanced our online presence, driving our clinic's growth and success."

Key Result:

Over 7 to 1 ROI and value-based engagement

Dr. Chris Gubbels
Square One Health
Fort Collins, CO

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Returned to clinics on under $1M spent by our Docs with average ROI eclipsing 5X

And we catch you results


Returned to clinics on under $1M spent by our Docs with average ROI eclipsing 5X

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