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And They've Done All Of That COMPLETELY HANDS OFF

Tired of dumping cash down the marketing drain?

Want to focus on patients instead of leads?

If so, I have an offer that you cannot refuse.

For 1 week, Contente will run and manage a campaign for you totally on our dollar.

Not Convinced? I know. You're experiencing a lot of too good to be true offers from agencies left and right.

My name is Tom and I'm a co-founder of Contente.  Please allow me 3 minutes to tell you a bit more...

The thing about Contente is that we were an agency at one point: The Natural Health Company (NHC)

As a Junior business comp-sci double-major at the University of Michigan, Damian built the tech infrastructure that remain the foundations of our business to this day.  Fast-forward 12 months and Damian had taken that tech infrastructure, applied it to a market he aligned with (and had a connection for client number 1 in–thanks, Dr. Gordon), and grown the NHC agency organically to 30+ chiropractic clinics around the US and 1 in Canada.

In August of 2020, Damian called me–Tom, his sole brother–to start learning about what he had built.  At that point, I had just received a full-time offer for an investment banking role that I interned at that summer.  As did most of my economics-majoring friends at the University of Chicago.

To sum it up, what he was building and I ended up abandoning a 6-figure starting salary out of college with a quarter-million dollars in student debt to pursue was never just an agency.

Since then, we built Contente.

And we help a lot more practices in a lot more verticals get new patients than we ever have.

The cool thing about Contente is that the more clinicians that see results, the better the results get.  In more ways than one, Contente learns from itself.

Without getting technical, every small system that makes Contente your all-in-one hands off patient acquisition solution is founded on the same principle: algorithmic iterative improvement.

Beyond the ROI potential with Contente, it's just really easy for you to use.

The Contente dashboard is your single point of access for paid content distribution across all digital platforms.

Contente's purpose is singular: find and convert on the highest expected value digital ad placement according to the content available, offer, and your audience that Contente gradually collects data on. 

If you're a clinician, right now, "the highest expected value ad placement" means you're consistently placing original video ads on Facebook–and sometimes Youtube.

Anyone who tells you that they can create a generic ad that is more valuable than original content is lying to you.

Here's why.

Every video ad that has ever been made eventually loses its charm on the audience.  You know what doesn't lose charm?


When you begin religiously producing original videos following Contente's formulaic approach, you unlock the secret to evergreen direct response marketing.  And you do it alongside clinicians just like you.

You'll figure out more about that if you accept this offer, though.

Here's how it will work:

- You answer some questions because we can't accept everyone

- If you're approved, you'll see exactly how much ad credit (free money to spend on ads) you've unlocked

- In order to claim that ad credit, we don't require any card... just at least one original video

- Depending on your application, you'll receive a detailed sample of video examples to emulate

- Submit your video and Contente will begin booking paying new patient appointments for you

- We'll have a call at the mid-point of this trial ad spend to iron out any early speed bumps

- At the end of your credit, we'll have a ROI strategy session–an analytical walk-through of costs and benefits

There is never any pressure or contract to use Contente.  Worst case scenario, you get at least a few patients in the door and 20K+ impressions on your audience that are authentic and original.

The first step is to apply.  I hope to hear from you. 


Contente is a full-stack campaign management company that helps existing businesses sell their products and services online. We make no claims or representation that by using Contente you will earn money or make your money back. While we may promote results from paying users of Contente, their business’s results are not typical, and your business’s experience will vary based upon the effort and education of your business’s employees and management, the business model that is implemented, and market forces beyond anyone’s control.


California residents can obtain information about the categories of personal information collected, and the business purposes for which the information is collected, by clicking here.

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