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□ The top 3 specific posts to make on your Facebook page this week

□ The best types of posts to use on your Facebook page

□ How to make posts that engage and convert a new audience

Magnetic Facebook Posts™

Attract An Audience

About the resource

What do leads find when they visit your Facebook or Instagram page? A recent post filled with inspiring and engaging content, or an outdated post about an event that already happened?

One study found that 62% of respondents said Facebook was the most useful social network for researching products and services before visiting a small business.

Here are some of most common mistakes we see local businesses make with social media:

- Not posting enough. Every day is ideal, three times a week is the minimum.
- Speaking to the wrong audience. Content that’s only aimed at current members instead of posts that appeal to leads and future members.
- Posting the same information. Repetitive content that doesn’t offer useful information or inspiration.

To help you improve your social media presence, this Magnetic Facebook Posts guide will help you come up with ideas for how to promote and grow your practice. Use these post ideas to grow your practice starting TODAY!