50% OFF Chiropractic TikTok Ad Campaign

Pilot Program: We are currently accepting 5 docs into this program at a 50% discount.

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50% OFF Chiropractic TikTok Ad Campaign

Attention: Chiropractors!
If Facebook was shut down tomorrow, how would your new patient flow change?

What about Google? or Instagram? or even referrals...?

The reality is that too many docs are relying on just one source of new patients as if it would last forever.

Let me tell you about a doc we recently helped who was putting “all his eggs in one basket”.

This doc had hired several marketing agencies in the past to promote his practice on a website like Facebook or Google.

He’d get tons of new patients the first few months. Yay!!

But soon enough the new patients would stop, and he’d have to fire the company.

This problem went on for several years…

About 8 months ago, after firing yet another Facebook agency, he started using Contente.

As expected, he brought in tons of new patients in the first 3 months…

He knew better… the slow down was coming.

Only this time it never came.

What was different?

When one platform started to die, Contente automatically moved his marketing to another one.

Facebook to Instagram to … TikTok??

Yep… and 8 months later our doc is still getting a steady stream of quality new patients in the door… even on TikTok.

You might be thinking, “I thought only 12-year-olds use TikTok…”

Well, this doc is bringing in patients–many of whom are over 50 years old!

We were shocked too...

“Okay great, but that’s just one city. What about my city?”

That’s actually why I’m writing this ad.

We’ve seen initial success on TikTok…

Now we’re looking to run TikTok ads for 5 additional docs to validate our initial success.

You’ll be one of the first docs in your area and best of all it’s HALF OFF.

Because this is a pilot program, we’re only taking 5 docs.

If you want to be one of these 5, click 'Schedule Now' to book a call with our team to claim your position in this pilot program TODAY.