Co-founders, brothers, patient acquisition aficionados.

Damian Tenuta

I'm the tech guy.  While pursuing computer science and business at University of Michigan, I knew I never wanted to work for someone else's corporation.  So I began building The Natural Health Company, which started as an agency solution to new patient acquisition for chiropractors.  Organically, the idea flourished into what is now the Contente platform with the help of our whole team.  Thank you for joining us on this mission to revolutionize the agency game.

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Tom Tenuta

I'm the business guy.  While pursuing economics at The University of Chicago, I grew to realize that the standard track into investment banking wasn't my cup of tea.  So 6 months before graduation, I committed to Contente full-time–taking my role and the company to the next level.  From that day, I've touched just about every aspect of the Contente system and it still blows me away at how powerful it is.  Thank you for joining us on this mission to revolutize the agency game.

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But our clients say more about Contente than we could...